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Android, Java, and Differences Between the Two.

I’ve recently started learning Android development. I’ve enjoyed working on small devices since my first job out of college in 1989 developing an app for a portable bar code scanner. I haven’t been able to do much development like this … Continue reading

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New site!

You may notice that the site looks a bit different now. I have moved from using my web provider’s hosted WordPress instance to my own copy. This will give me much more control over the site. There is a downside … Continue reading

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LDNS for Windows – Source

Should have done this earlier. I’ve had several requests for the LDNS library that I built on Windows, so here it is. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a quick and dirty port, with minimal testing. Around the … Continue reading

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LDNS on Windows – Success!

FINALLY! ldns is now working on Windows. More polish would be good, but it is working. Ultimately the changes weren’t too tough. Had to find replacements for a couple of functions (gettimeofday and getopts) and add a function for creating … Continue reading

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LDNS on Windows, take 2

After many attempts, and just recently finding posts on Google groups from someone else trying to do the same thing (use ldns from XPCOM) it’s become obvious that linking the VC++ built XPCOM libraries with Cygwin built ldns just won’t … Continue reading

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Mixing Cygwin, XPCOM, ldns

In my continuing adventures working on a .tel extension for Thunderbird, I’ve switched to using ldns for the DNS lookups. After a bit of futzing around to give ldns the ability to get the DNS server addresses from the Windows … Continue reading

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MS Suckage Beyond My Wildest Imagination

OK, so I’ve been working on some stuff related to the .tel domains – basically an extension for Thunderbird / Firefox for synchronizing contact info through a domain. Best I can tell the DNS support in Firefox already doesn’t support … Continue reading

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Unit Testing and Databases

Recently I’ve been refactoring some DB access code. Basically unraveling the DB code that is sprinkled throughout the code into a separate layer. Testing this code is challenging and honestly tedious. 

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Hooray for HDA!

Just came across this thing called the “Amahi Home Linux Server”, something they refer to as a HDA or Home Digital Assistant. Looks like a pretty nice idea. I haven’t tried it yet – I just found it and don’t … Continue reading

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Reading a Classic

It seems that as software engineers it takes so much time and effort keeping up with technology that all we ever have time to read are technical books and materials. But we really should get out of that rut when … Continue reading

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