Back in the saddle

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here. I started this blog soon after being laid off. I started a new job in May, moving from .NET back to Java development. Then in October the economy started hitting my new employer and they decided to close the local office I was working out of so I was laid off AGAIN! Fortunately I was able to find another position quickly, again in Java development. In the midst of all that there were family illnesses, loss of a relative, heat pump conking out, and a myriad other slings and arrows.

Hopefully though most of that junk is over and I can get Murphy evicted from my house! I’m really enjoying my current job and hope it works out for the long term. But it is something of a startup and having been with those in the past and combined with the economic situation I’m being cautious. Dumping as much as possible into savings, trying to budget, taking a class in entrepreneurship. My thinking is if this doesn’t work out, I want to get out on my own. I want as much control of my own destiny as possible. I’m not sure what I would do at this point – one reason I’m taking the class is to help figure that out. Aside from software development I have a few other interests that might make a career, so have to give it all some thought.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and start keeping things here a bit more up to date. Honestly part of having this site is for self-promotion and career building (as I’d bet MANY blogs are!) But I have some more unit testing thoughts to bandy about that I’ll be posting very soon, so hopefully I’ll have some interesting things here that we can all learn from.

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  1. KevinRichey says:

    Hey Eddie, Welcome back. I’ve kept your blog in my feeder the whole time. 🙂

    I occasionally think about blogging myself, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have the discipline to keep one up for very long. One idea that appeals to me is a multi-author blog, so there are enough voices to keep regular updates without taxing any one person too much. Hint hint.

    I’ve always had a little itch to “get out on my own” as well. Not sure how I’d make it work, since I have no idea how to sell, but there’s a lot of appeal to making software my way. The chances of prolonged success are abysmal, but I don’t think that would stop me.

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