Booting up…

Welcome to “Left Out In The Code” – a blog concerned primarily with discussing software development concepts of every ilk. I’m your host, Eddie Sheffield, Jr., a software engineer in the New River Valley of Virginia. If you’re interested, you may view my resume. I may on occasion chat about other, non-software development topics, but those will likely be rare.

One note: I’m going to keep things civil around here. Comments are welcomed and encouraged, and I have no problem with disagreements – I hope to learn even more from this blog than you are, so I expect people to disagree with me. But I will not tolerate rudeness – keep it civil and polite, please. If I post something you think is wrong, by all means point it out, but explain why it’s wrong. I reserve the right to remove any comments I feel cross the line.

My house. My rules. It’s good to be the king.

That said, let’s move along…

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  1. KevinRichey says:

    Hey Eddie, glad to see you’ve got a new blog up. Subscribed on my Bloglines. 🙂 I should get motivated to get my blog back online.

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