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Hooray for HDA!

Just came across this thing called the “Amahi Home Linux Server”, something they refer to as a HDA or Home Digital Assistant. Looks like a pretty nice idea. I haven’t tried it yet – I just found it and don’t … Continue reading

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Reading a Classic

It seems that as software engineers it takes so much time and effort keeping up with technology that all we ever have time to read are technical books and materials. But we really should get out of that rut when … Continue reading

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Autodelegation: A Multiple-Inheritance Alternative

While working in .NET and Java, on (admittedly rare) occasions I’ve wanted multiple-inheritance. Or I’ve had an implementation of an interface that I would like to extend, but the implementation was final. Essentially there have been times I’ve wanted to … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here. I started this blog soon after being laid off. I started a new job in May, moving from .NET back to Java development. Then in October the economy started hitting my … Continue reading

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Which came first? (Chickens, code, eggs, and unit tests)

Kevin’s comment on my previous post brings up a couple of good points which, as I thought about them, are very closely related. One is the “test-first” approach – writing unit tests prior to the code to be tested. The … Continue reading

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(Unit) Testing 1 2 3

I’ll probably be posting quite a bit about unit testing in this blog. NOT because I’m an expert in the topic – far from it. I’m also not particularly interested in discussing the efficacy of unit testing in general – … Continue reading

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Booting up…

Welcome to “Left Out In The Code” – a blog concerned primarily with discussing software development concepts of every ilk. I’m your host, Eddie Sheffield, Jr., a software engineer in the New River Valley of Virginia. If you’re interested, you … Continue reading

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